Monday, April 12, 2021

'Wally The Walrus' : Tenby

 I was going to go for the walrus at Tenby over Easter but it didn't materialize.

7.00am Sunday morning 11th April saw fellow birder and 'togger' Dave Gilbert rock up at my house to pick me up and we were soon on the road heading for Tenby.

We arrived at about 8.25am and after a walk across town from the car park we were soon watching Wally feeding and surfacing for about a minute at a time off the slipway to the RNLI Lifeboat Station which he has taken a shine to.

The weather was sunny but a brisk breeze took the edge off the temperature, we fired away with our cameras when Wally surfaced but were interrupted by a freezing squall for about half an hour with Steve Hinton and Alun Hughes who had turned up not long after us.

The squall blew out to sea and we were soon back in position watching Wally who at one point partially hauled out on the ramp but still partially submerged, neither of us complained as we both managed some nice images.

We hoped that he would fully haul out but he moved back into open water and continued to feed, it looked as if he was going to feed for some time and at about 2.45pm we decided to head for home.

What a fabulous day out, it's not every day you see a walrus in Welsh waters about 2,000 miles from his home above the Arctic Circle.

What will become of him is anybody's guess but for the time being he is feeding well on razor clams and mussels and appears in good health.

We both came away with some photos that we were pleased with, here's a selection........