Sunday, March 07, 2021

Barn Owl : Llynfi Valley (2)

 After a lay in and a lazy Saturday morning I decided to have a look for the stunning local male Black Redstart found on Friday afternoon by Colin Gittins and Paul 'Sid' Parsons.

I spent an hour searching but to no avail, plenty of birds present including 5 Red Kites but not the bird I was looking for which would have been a 'valley tick'.

I decided then as the weather was stunning if a little cold to make a diversion and try for another session with our valley daylight hunting Barn Owl.

I set up with my bag hide and after about an hour the owl left it's roost and began hunting, I complain enough about the light but yesterday during late afternoon I have to say it was stunning.

I 'filled my boots' and came away with some images that I was more than satisfied with..........