Monday, August 26, 2019

Wheatears : Cwmparc, Rhondda

A few images of juvenile Wheatears from a visit a couple of weeks ago...…

Wryneck : Ogmore By Sea

I couldn't make it down to Ogmore yesterday when the Wryneck was found due to other commitments so took a punt on the bird still being there this morning.
I parked up in the lay-by on the main road and made my way down the saltmarsh to the location, as luck would have it I was only a minute's walk from the spot when my South Wales Bird Group WhatsApp 'pinged' confirming that the bird had just been refound, result !!
Della Lack who had put the news out was present as was Jeff Lack and a couple of birders that I didn't know, the bird performed beautifully on the rock face opposite the large shingle bank and I came away with some images that I was really pleased with...…..

Leaving Ogmore I did make an abortive trip to Caerlan in the Rhondda to have a look for the probable Ortolan Bunting found by Martin Thomas during one of his ringing sessions this morning, the words needle and haystack spring to mind !!