Saturday, October 20, 2007

A fine October day

The news of a juv Spotted Sandpiper at Lisvane caused a diversion from shopping etc.
The bird was quite confiding, and doubtless some far better pictures than this will appear elsewhere.
In the afternoon we took Rosie to Forest Farm, which was fairly birdless, but good views of Bullfinch and Nuthatch at one of the feeding stations were obtained. A couple of Redwings flew over, and Kingfisher and Siskin were heard.
Later on, having arranged for Aunty Pam to put Rosie to bed, a dusk visit to Goldcliff was profitable.
A Little Owl was visible in it's usual tree, and a Short Eared Owl hunted on and off until dusk. Wildfowl numbers are increasing, but due to a low tide, waders were distant on the shoreline. Avocets numbered 30+ (I'd counted 41 last Sunday) and could well now winter here.
A Snipe was trying not to be seen, and Water Rail squealed, and Cettis sang from the small reedbed near the seawall. Very pleasant!


Wayne said...

Sandpiper spotted this morning by three Birders in Boxers and their entourage of offspring and dog!

Anonymous said...

I look forward to the winter bringing the Kingfishers to the river out my window.

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