Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Peeping at a peep

A quick visit to Kenfig this Wednesday afternoon brought good views of several birds, including a rare "peep", and a Mr Slocombe, the latter resplendent in "skiving off work" plumage, and fetching wellies. The White Rumped Sandpiper, for that is what it was (oh, you guessed) showed to a few yards. From the South Hide, a Water Rail showed well, and the enigmatic birder known only as "GP" asked if we'd seen the Med Gull, we hadn't, but I did, distantly, and whilst I was watching it through the scope, back over near the peep, a Dartford Warbler popped up out of the gorse, briefly. Nine commas in one sentence, wow! Some people don't see that many butterflies in a summer. Enough nonsense, another picture: And this one, without the scope, the old fashioned way, just point the camera at the bird: No it's not shy, but it did crouch down low when a Carrion Crow flew nearby, a defence mechanism against predators? Will the Spotted Sandpiper winter in Lisvane? Possibly, and then leave just before getting interesting and spotty.

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Wayne said...

More gripping of the Twitchmeister and his dad!

Ticked the GP at Coed-y-Bedw last year, but no further sightings since.