Saturday, October 27, 2007

Avebury Adventures

On a mild, sunny Sunday 21st October, we took Rosie to visit my aunty and uncle in Avebury. My mother was also staying there. After a large lunch, we decided to get some exercise, and walked through the village towards Windmill Hill (no windmills!). A few Redwings flew around the churchyard, and further on a couple of flypast Yellowhammers were a nice sight. A flock of Linnets roamed around, with Meadow Pipits and a Stonechat also present. A male Kestrel with a very pale rump could have caused confusion, if he hadn't showed well. On our return journey, a large flock (80+) of Fieldfares were noisy, and flighty, with a few more Redwings amongst them. A Stock Dove flew through, and Gill saw a Stoat, whilst pausing to take Rosie out of the sling for a kick. As Gill drove us home in the dark, she saw a Barn Owl fly across the road near J16 of the M4. Rosie (asleep) and myself (watching her) missed it....

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