Tuesday, October 30, 2007

No Bins Required

Its half-term. A day off with the kids. Lets go and see another American wader in Glamorgan!

I dragged the family and dog to Kenfig this morning to see the white-rumped sandpiper and without any effort at all saw it immediately showing off to the small crowd on the south beach.

I've heard plenty of stories of north American birds being tame, but this was the first time I'd seen it. The bird completely ignored a dozen or so birders staring at it, within just a few metres. At one point a dog walker walked within a couple metres in front of it while her border collie leapt into the water behind the bird. It barely batted an eyelid. Amazing!

There'll be plenty of cracking photos out soon, and one of them would have been mine if I'd bothered taking my camera! I'm sure I could have walked right up to it ... "Say cheese!"


Tim Hall said...

Always, always take the camera!

Jeff said...

I'll testify to that as last December whilst up in Norfolk I would have had some "crippling" close photos of the Black-Eared Kite at Cley had I bothered to take my camera with me.It sat for about 30 mins eating a rabbit and by the time I'd gone back to Blakeney where we were staying for my camera and returned it had become a black blob sat on a bush about a mile away !!
ALWAYS take your camera !.....

Wayne said...

Right, so now I'm the only Glamorgan birder who hasn't got nice photos of the white-rumped sandpiper!

At least I can still grip the Twitchmeister off!