Sunday, October 14, 2007

I Thought We Were Supposed to be Birdwatching

They say "good things come to those who wait". Boll . . .derdash! Wayne and I set out this morning ready for an orgy of Yellow-browed Warblers and high expectations of finding some other goodies. First stop Aberthaw. 2 Y-b W's had been reported in Sea Buckthorn near the rivermouth. On the way there were loads of Blackbirds in the bushes and our first Fieldfare of the winter. A Water Rail squealed near the pools and a S'prawk flew over. On the shoreline there were Oycs and Curlew, the odd Turnstone (well not that odd really) and Wayne found a Common Sand on the beach. We found the Buckthorn bushes and waited. While we waited we grilled a pipit on the shoreline. Could it be a Buff-bellied Pipit? "Tell my why it isn't a Buff-bellied Pipit, Wayne?" I asked. "Cos it's at Aberthaw" came Wayne's no nonsense reply. He was right - it was a Rock Pipit. And we waited . . . .
Yet another birdless bush.
I'm sure you'll agree that this bush isn't anywhere as pretty
as the one we stared at at Uskmouth.
No sign of any Y-b W's - or any other bird for that matter. Cheesed off we made our way back to the car accompanied by some Skylarks overhead.
Next stop Cwm Nash. As we arrived we met Paul Roberts who had walked along the coast from St Donat's. He confirmed that he'd seen "bugger all" on his walk while we reciprocated by saying that there was "bugger all" at Aberthaw. The three of us walked down to the little 'Cwm' at Nash Point just to satisfy ourselves that there was bugger all down there too.
Apart from the odd Chiffchaff we were right. That is until Paul left us and Martin Bevan and Mike Hogan arrived. Out of the blue Martin magicked a 1st winter Ring Ouzel. How does he do it? It was soon joined in a tree by a Fieldfare, 4 male and 2 female Blackbirds. A positive thrush-fest.
A brief stop at Ty'n-y-Caeau Farm only provided us with Yellowhammer, Reed Bunting, a distant Buzzard and two builders listening to Radio 2.
Stop number four was at Cwm Nash where two Y-b W's had been seen yesterday. Nothing here either - apart from one or two Goldcrests and another sighting of Martin and Mike. To add to his disappoinment, Wayne dipped on Treecreeper which he has yet to add to his 2007 year list.
Bypassing Ogmore ("there'll be bugger all there") we went straight to Kenfig. Bugger all there too - although good numbers of Pochard have already returned. Forgot - or to be more honest - couldn't be bothered to go through them all looking for the Redhead though.
Losing our will to live Wayne rescued the day by having a brainwave. "A pint of Bass and a pint of Cwrw Haf, please". Yes - we finished the day in style at the Prince of Wales. And to a toast of "absent friends and better luck next time" we agreed that a bad day's birdin' is better than a good day at the office.


Dan said...

I see from the GBC sightings page that Y-b Warlers were seen at Cwm Nash before, and after, we'd left there.

Anybody want to buy a pair of bins?!

Tim Hall said...

One day your reward will come in the form of a self found Welsh first. However, I'm not holding my breath...