Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Drought Ends

Finally, a successful twitch - and a local one too! As Wayne has already said, it was nice to know that all the Boxer Boys got onto this bird - including the young Twitchmeister. And it was lovely to finally meet Non - another lifer for me! That's two 'daughter ticks' within a couple of weeks.
Thanks Tim for the text on Saturday morning just as I was about to start work . . . miles away in deepest, darkest Ceredigion. I was on edge all day . And thanks Jeff for Sunday's early morning call and staking the bird out for me.


Tim Hall said...

The dam has burst, there'll be no stopping you now!

Dan said...

I think some modern day Hans Brinker - the kid who stuck his finger in a Dutch dyke (that should see the blog getting more hits!) - has fixed the dam. Hence dipping the Rosefinch in Mewslade and being stuck in front of a computer at work rather than twiching the White-rumped Sand at Kenfig. Congrats Wayne on bagging the Yankie - make sure you grip The Twichmeister off the next time you see hiim!