Monday, December 29, 2008

Cosmeston C.P Lesser Scaup

A text from Dan invited me to join him and The Twitchmeister at Cosmeston C.P to see the Lesser Scaup which had been found the previous day.
The park mid-morning was generally busy and there were several familiar birding faces to greet us upon arrival,Martin Bell got us quickly on to the bird which was with the other wildfowl on the East lake.
Soon after we had arrived we were joined by Tim who had made his own way to the twitch.
We joined John Wilson and walked up to the other end of the lake for better views,after watching the bird for several minutes it involuntarilly relocated with a group of Tufties on to the West Lake where I believe it stayed for most of the day.
Together with several other birders we walked over to the West lake catching brief views of the Bearded Tit in the reeds along the boardwalk.
The bird was soon relocated and provided excellent views for several birders from the bank at the "near" end of the lake as it bobbed in and out of the reeds.
This was my 4th Lesser Scaup having seen previous birds (all drakes) at Exminster Marshes,
Ouse Washes and Cheddar Reservoir.
I spoke to Wayne on the phone later in the day who confirmed that he had been along on a family outing(as you do when there's a rare bird about !!) and enjoyed good views of the bird in the afternoon.
Strange but true fact: myself and Wayne have both seen 4 Lesser Scaup and they have all been the same birds as we have either been in each other's company or as on this occasion a local bird visited separately.


Anonymous said...

Why havent you got a link to the Cardiff Bird Club site? Is it true Timmy tried to flush the Lesser Scaup? ..... Then grassed out the Cardiff lads who allegedly spooked the Snowy Owl. Whats the world comming too as my old granny used to say.

I'm no hypocrite. said...