Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Moon and Venus 1st December 2008

I realised that Venus and Jupiter should be close together on 1st December, and as it was a clear afternoon, I had a look about 4pm. I could see Jupiter and a crescent moon.....but where was Venus?
The only place it could be was behind the moon! A quick check of t'internet confirmed this, and I discovered that Venus would reappear at about ten past five. Sure enough it did, and the pictures are below:
A nice sight, which doesn't happen very often, as the Moon normally passes just above, or just below the planets.

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Wayne said...

I 'scoped jupiter a few nights ago and four moons are clearly visible, albeit tiny.

There's a meteor shower on at present, but apparently the Geminids will be best seen on 13 and 14 December, east of Betelgeuse (big red one).