Sunday, December 07, 2008

Christmas Bash

Ah, yes - the annual evening of debauchery, womanising, drunken revelry, public nudity and fighting that is the 'Birders in Boxers Christmas Bash'.

It all started with an unplanned mammoth pub crawl, which began at the 'The Corner House', Llangynwyd and finished one pub later, across the road, at the 'Old House', Llangynwyd. It was unplanned because we aimed to spend our evening carousing at 'The Corner House'. But, because we hadn't booked a table, there was 'no room at the inn' and so the Three Wise Men (and Jeff too) hastily re-arranged the evening's itinerary and made for the 'Old House'.

My God, look at the state of us!

While the beer flowed we re-lived the birding year that was 2008. We all agreed that, on the whole, it was crap. Year List Totals were so embarassingly low that they cannot be published. There were highlights during the year of course. The trip to Speyside in May really stood out even though Tim couldn't make it (or perhaps because Tim couldn't make it?!). During the evening plans were also made for 2009: 'Scottish Trip II (Mull) in May' is already booked; as is an August Scilly Pelagic (Wayne and Dan). A long overdue BiB trip to Cornwall in October was pencilled in and a firm commitment to "go to Norfolk sometime" was also made.

Following a boozy lock-in - we must have been there until at least 11.40pm - we traipsed home to our wives to sleep off our excesses.

PS I lied about the debauchery, womanising, drunken revelry, public nudity and fighting.


Tim Hall said...

What a scary picture!

Rob Gaze said...

Is it Tim`s round?

Dan said...

Rob - it's never Tim's round!