Friday, January 02, 2009

Lift Off!

Albeit a slow one.

Waking up in Tenby on January 1st isn't the ideal way of starting your Glamorgan Year List, but this morning found me claiming my first dip of the year in VC41 at a very cold and misty Cardiff Bay. The long-staying Slav Grebe appears to have naffed off.

With nothing much else down there I drove to Cosmeston where I managed to re-locate the Lesser Scaup and, after a long wait, the Bearded Tit. I haven't totted up my list yet but I would imagine that it is already halfway to my dire 2008 total.

If the Beardie had showed quickly I would have gone on to Sully to look for the Waxwing that have been reported there. I ran out of time but as I stepped through the front door I had a phone call to say that they'd been found there again. (SJH/ND?).

Songs that spring to mind: Two Out of Three Ain't Bad/Things Can Only Get Better.

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