Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Successful Weekend

With such wonderful weather and a break from Wales' relentless march for yet another legendary Grand Slam there was no excuse to stay indoors this weekend.

Saturday morning found the JJs out for the second walk of the week around Michaelstone / Wenvoe - this time accompanied by Sophie. No Marsh Tits this time I'm afraid but I did add a few more species to the Roving Records for two tetrads.

The family walk out of the way, Geth and I got down to some proper birdin' in the afternoon. First stop Cardiff Barrage. Nothing much on the Bay. (Where have all the ducks gone that used to winter at the Cardiff Bay when it was first flooded? I remember large flocks of Tufties, Pochard, the occasional Scaup and a cracking male L-t Duck). Anyway, we marched to the far end of the Barrrage where we duly caught up with two of the wintering Black Redstarts, including the male (lifer for the TM). We also ticked Mike Powell there.

Onto the River Taff near Western Avenue's Tesco Extra. Within five minutes we'd seen two Fircrests in the same bush (lifer number 2 for the TM), 3 Brambling, Treecreeper and a party of L-T Tits.

Sunday morning found father and son, accompanied this time by daughter, back out in the field. We were on our way to Uskmouth, but we called in "at a site east of the River Rhymney" where we were greeted by a Little Owl sunning itself on a branch. (Another lifer for both the TM and his big sister).

At Uskmouth we found Tim's Little Owl, (nice one Tim!) which was a little distant, but again it was enjoying itself in the sun.

A crap photo of 'Tim's Little Owl' - a new sub-species?

Continuing our walk around the reserve we came to a familiar site - it was 'that bush' again.

Only it didn't look like this anymore . . . . . it looked like this.

If only it had looked like this back in September 2007 even I would have had a fighting chance of seeing that flippin' Aquatic Warbler hiding in it!

I spent the rest of the time chuckling at Geth trying to find a Cetti's Warbler. They were calling all over the place but as usual they remained invisible. It was like watching a dog trying to catch rabbits but being outrun every time. I did warn him about this but nevertheless they drove him up the wall. He'll learn!!! Still, he can't complain 4 lifers in a week - oh, to be young again!!

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Tim Hall said...

I thought I saw 2 Firecrests last Sunday at dusk, but never saw them together, so wasn't completely sure. One seemed much more colourful than the other.
The Black Redstarts were easy on Monday, but were dodging diggers.

Glad you found the Little Owls, very nice to have a choice of sites for them.

Cetti's will find Gethin when they're ready! They'll get more showy as the breeding season approaches.