Saturday, February 23, 2008

Happy as Lari(dae)

I'm crap at identifying non-adult gulls and so when the Ring Billed Gull turned up at Lamby Way Lake (Parc Tredelerch) I have to admit I wasn't in a massive hurry to get down there. But, in the interests of educating the young ornithologist in the subtleties of immature Laridae plumages / not wanting to be gripped off by Tim, I made my way down to Cardiff East to look for the latest Yankie to arrive in Glamorgan.

I'd just parked the car and switched off the engine when Geth said "There it is on that woody thing" - and he was right! Unfortunately, no sooner had we left the car than it took off. We spent the next 10 minutes or so watching it fly around above our heads - every now and again diving down to pick a tasty morsel from the surface of the lake or giving a B-h Gull a hard time.

Can you see it?

It didn't look as if it was going to settle and so, happy with our views - it really is very different to a 1st winter Common Gull - Geth and I walked up to check out the river. Nothing much there - 20 or so Redshank and a few Common Teal. Returning to the lake we were glad to see that the Ring Billed Gull had settled back down on the "woody thing".

That's a bit better!

Geth now managed to grill the bird in the 'scope and note the clinching plumage characteristics.

Look at it's scapulars, Dad!

Yet another lifer for the Little Larid Lister. You've got to hand it to the guy - the Twitchmeister is on fire at the moment!


Tim Hall said...

Just think how many more birds you'd have seen in the last few years if you'd taken Geth with you every time!

Dan said...

If I'd only gone birdin' with you Tim, Martin Bevan and Geth over the last few years I'd have Ron Johns worried by now - Lee Evans would even be in the frame!

By the way, I've corrected my miss spelling of Larus delawarensis on the blog - bit embarassing that!!

Wayne said...

Tim Hall sighted at Perthcelyn today! Looks as if the Twitchmeister's listing exploits has got him worried.


Tim Hall said...

Not me! Tim Hill, whoever he is. I was at home with a sneezy, wheezy Rosie.
If I go for a Shrike, it'll be the FOD one, more other stuff in the area (inc Wild Boar!)

Wayne said...

Sorry Tim. It would have been Phil Hill as Perthcelyn. Looks as if Dan is worried by the TMs listing exploits. Fancy not taking him to see choughs and SEOs!