Saturday, February 23, 2008

Using my loaf

Several postings on the Glamorgan Bird Club website sightings page had referred to one particular bird that was lurking near to home possibly being attracted to bread. Thus it was that I planned to embellish my birding kit with some of Mr Morrisons Granary, very tasty.
However, on arrival at Parc Tredelerch off Lamby Way, I discovered that the cupboard (or in fact, my pockets) were bare (er, empty). Doh!
So, how was I to find the Ring Billed Gull that had been present for a couple of days? Of course, just look at the gulls!
There weren't any.
Cunningly, I walked to the far end of the lake, climbed the bank, and down below me on the mud were about 30 Black Headed Gulls, and even with the naked eye, I could see the transatlantic invader amongst them, being quite aggressive towards them.
As I took this photo, I received a text from Mr J-J, enquiring whether I was going to look for the bird, and as I replied, the gulls took off. The RBG circled the lake for a while and then flew west, and out of sight. So I went home, and used my intended gull-bait to make a turkey and tomato sandwich. Nice!

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Dan said...

I hope the turkey in your sandwiches wasn't from the remains of your Christmas lunch!