Monday, February 11, 2008

Uskmouth wanderings

As Saturday 9th February was such a warm and glorious day, we set off after lunch to Uskmouth, to look for birds and to test the "rucksack" style carrier that Rosie is now big enough to use. There were surprisingly few,birds, and Reed Buntings and Blue Tits were the only things visible in the reeds. Cetti's sang occasionally. The most interesting ducks were Gadwall. A large area of the reserve is now out of bounds (RSPB decision, they take over very soon), so we couldn't explore the reedbeds as much as we would have liked. However, on the western edge of the reserve, large numbers of Fieldfare were seen, A couple of other beasties also posed nearby: Rosie was now getting a bit restless, so we headed home. During the evening, I managed to digiscope the planet Saturn. I'll have a go at Jupiter next time I see it.


Wayne said...

I expect Dan will be along soon with the "Show us Uranus" style gags.


Is that the Goldcliff Little Owl, or another one you've found at Uskmouth. Or is my memory failing me?

Tim Hall said...

Uskmouth! Details on request...Saw 1 "at a site east of the River Rhymney" last Weds also.

Dan said...

You're not Sirius are you Wayne? I have no desire to see Tim's, or anybody else's - anus!

A limerick about Edmund Halley

From the public, his discovery brought cheers.
From his wife, it drew nothing but tears.
"For you see," said Ms. Halley,
"He used to come daily;
Now he comes once every 70 years!"

Tim Hall said...

Halley's Comet is visible every 76 years, last time being 1986, and I saw it!

Dan said...

Hi Tim, Can I have details of where to find the Uskmouth Little Owl please? I know somebody who still 'needs' Little Owl for his life list!!!