Monday, March 12, 2012

"Top bird and top new hide"

Teresa and myself paid a visit to Llangors on Sunday to check out the caravan before the season starts in a couple of weeks and I took the opportunity of trying to find and photograph the Great White Egret that's been kicking around the lake since last November.
I also wanted to have a look at the replacement hide officially opened by HRH Charlie a couple of weeks ago following it's construction over the winter.
I found the egret feeding in what remains of the winter flood in amongst the willow scrub near the southmost shooting hide but it quickly took to the air and I only managed a few initial flight shots,the bird came back down but in an inaccessible area out of sight.
I then walked around to the new hide for my first visit and I have to say I was mightily impressed,ok given the expense they have gone to in elevating it and constructing the huge access ramp they could have made the actual hide a bit bigger,having said that the views over the reed beds and the lake are impressive.
It's a massive improvement over the original hide and and the elevated views show just how extensive the reedbeds are on the southern side of the lake.
Although quite busy the only serious birdwatcher in the hide was Mark Waldron and it was nice to chat and to put a face to his name that I'm familier with from the Brecknock Birds website.
I saw the egret in flight from the hide land in the same area where I had seen it feeding earlier and made my way back around to the south-west corner where I refound it and managed a couple of record shots before it once again took flight to disappear over the trees out of sight.
I'm hoping the bird stays around for a while and I can catch up with it again and get some better shots,a fly-by fishing Osprey on passage in front of the hide would be nice as well,not too much to ask is it ?
Apologies for the quality of the pics of the hide,taken with my mobile.


Wayne said...

Nice patch tick! Just need a coffee shop there now, and it'll be an RSPB reserve ;-).

Jeff said...

Now that is one really good idea,could have done with a cuppa and a scone after lugging my lens around the lake.