Monday, March 19, 2012

No LEO but..........

After the euphoria of Saturday and another glorious Grand Slam I decided to have a bit of a lay-in yesterday and then gave "Smudger" a call at 11.00am.Armed with our cameras and long lenses we sauntered on down to the Cardiff foreshore hoping we could refind the recently discovered Long-eared Owl but despite a good search of the area we failed to find the proverbial "needle in a haystack".
We moved on down to RGW where we saw at least 12 Short-eared Owls some of which were reasonably confiding and we both managed a few "keepers".
On our way down to the water treatment works we made a brief diversion down Mardy Lane where one of the local Little Owls made an appearance from the hole in the usual tree in the field.
We dipped on the Bonaparte's Gull (yet again !!) and after another fruitless look for the LEO late p.m we called it a day.


Wayne said...

Nice shots again, Grouse! Did you guys erect that perching post in the top SEO shot?

Jeff said...

Not guilty ur honour,although another "togger" probably did.