Saturday, December 24, 2011

Nadolig llawen!

There haven't been any photos of owls on this (or any other Glamorgan) blog for all of . . . oh, I don't know - two weeks? And so, I was delighted when these two appeared on our Christmas tree this week.
This is just a record shot of course and the light was terrible

I was slowly moving in to take that killer image when another photographer appeared out of the blue, stomped right up to them and flushed them!


They haven't been seen since. Clearly two different species. Any thoughts on ID? :o)

We wish all birders from Glamorgan and beyond, as well as all (careful!) photographers, a very Merry Christmas and top birding in 2012 !

Nadolig llawen!
Geth and Dan


Jeff said...

Well,it's a coastal shot for starters with the deck chair in the background so must be wintering Short eared Owls !

Dan said...


Are you saying the fabric of our front room curtains looks like a deck chair?


Wayne said...

Deck chairs? Look like a pair of old shorts.