Sunday, December 18, 2011

First "White Wing" of the winter.

I dashed down to Ogmore on Saturday morning in the hope the the adult Iceland Gull found earlier in the week by Dean Bolt would still be around,if it was and I could get some pics it would be a "photo tick" for me. The bird had been proving elusive but I was lucky and found it within a couple of minutes loafing with the mixed gull flock on Portobello Island,I managed a few quick shots before losing the bird again as the nervous flock took to the air as they seemed to do every five minutes.
Dave Pritchard approached and having arrived a little earlier then me he had been watching the gull from a little closer on the river bank,we moved cautiously back down to where Dave had been watching and the flock went up again with the Iceland heading down river.
We set off in pursuit and soon came across "The Wader" and Alex Bevan who armed with their long lenses were also hoping to get some photographs.
Steve picked up the bird in flight as it headed back up the river and it settled on the water allowing some more shots.
It took off again and as I was luckily already focused on the bird was able to get some flight shots that I was quite pleased with.
Rob Gaze,Martin Bell and Mike Hogan arrived and we chatted for a few minutes as I headed back to the car leaving Steve and Alex "snapping away".
Just before getting to the car Martin "Billy Wizz" Thomas and his son the ever eager Teifion arrived and were well pleased to be informed that the bird was showing well as Teifion dashed off in pursuit of what was probably another lifer for him.
Mission accomplished I headed for home and out with Teresa for a Xmas shopping weekend and a night away winning loads of "brownie points" which will hopefully get me out with the camera several times over the Xmas holiday.
All I need now is some dry,crisp,cold,sunny weather with loads of blue skies,not too much to ask Santa for is it ?

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Have yet to connect with an adult. :-(