Saturday, November 19, 2011


Spent some time at Rumney Great Wharf today with fellow "toggers" "Smudger" and "Pedro",we put up 2 SEOs as we walked across to the rocks from Sluice Farm at about 11.00am.
Another 2 started to hunt at mid-day and probably 5 different birds hunted on and off until we left at about 4.00pm.
The light on a drab,grey day was truly awful with me shooting at 800ISO or higher in order to get a good shutter speed.I did experiment though with a slow shutter speed just before we left and got a couple of reasonable "motion blur" pics which I was quite pleased with.
With the number of SEOs at the wharf at present I'm just hoping for a really nice sunny day on a weekend which with a bit of luck could yield some spectacular results.


Wayne said...


A 'flock' of 19 on Skomer today apparently. A great year for SEOs.

Dan said...

No. 3 is my favourite. Glad you didn't post a photo of that feller in the blonde wig!

Jeff said...

Glad you like although there's no way I can compete with your Slav Grebe,truly stunning.
Have no fear,I'll keep the posting of "Lily Savage" to the other channel,you've got to smile though at the way he/she parades along the sea wall,totally bizare !!