Sunday, November 27, 2011

RGW:Return Visit

Paid another visit to Rumney Great Wharf at first light this morning in the hope that the highest tide for some time just after 8.00a.m would push some of the SEOs up on to the rough grass area.
I was really hoping that one or two would perch up so that I could get some "static" shots,some birds duly obliged,how lucky was that ?? !!
There were about 15 SEOs around and I "flushed" 6 from one narrow reen (not intentionally I must add).
I luv it when a plan comes together !!
I would have loved to have stayed all day but with a family christenning to attend in the afternoon I had to be satisfied with a couple of early hours.
Nice to bump into "Cardiff Clive" and to meet Trevor Fletcher and put a face to the name.


Wayne said...

Hannibal, these merit a B+. A little bit of gardening here and there would have led to an A*.

Dan said...

Jeff - can I have my stuffed owl back now please. You said you only wanted to borrow it for a couple of days.

Jeff said...

Bugger !! I've been sussed,you can have it back anyway,the swivel head's fallen off !