Sunday, November 13, 2011

"Another cunning plan"

Teresa knows me only too well when I suggest I take her for a few hours shopping to Cribbs Causeway in Bristol rather than Culverhouse Cross,"Short eared Owls is it " she replies and one duly obliged flying at just after 2.00pm in glorious light with another joining it just as the light faded at about 4.oopm.
I was a little nervous shooting into the sunlight as the first bird passed and headed towards the new Severn crossing but overexposed a couple of notches and was pleased to get a couple of nice "backlit" shots.
Think I'll try Rumney Great Wharf weather permitting next weekend where there were maybe six present today,bit of a hike though compared to "armchair" birding at Aust Warth.


Jeremy said...

I would say your cunning plan was successful, Baldrick! I went there last year for the same reason, but naturally enough my visit coincided with the only day when no owls showed!
Great shots!

Jeff said...

Cheers Jeremy,first visit this autumn/winter which will be the first of several if they continue to show in good light as y'day afternoon.
Made several visits last year but although there a couple of SEOs there they rarely showed before the light had really gone.
May bump into you there on a nice day,good luck if you go,Severside Birds is a good blogsite to keep an eye on for sightings.

Rob Gaze said...

Cracking shots Jeff.