Sunday, October 16, 2011

Snow Bunting:Newton,Porthcawl.

Myself and Teresa enjoyed a relaxing peaceful weekend up at the caravan and the only birding I did was to call in at Llangasty Point on Llangors Lake on our way back from a visit to Crickhowell on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately despite scanning for an hour or so there was nothing of any real interest although wildfowl numbers are building,suffice to say the camera didn't see the light of day. I'd noticed the report and some nice photos of the Snow Bunting at Newton Burrows on Friday and Saturday and hoped that it may stay around so that I could catch up with it on the way home. It hadn't been reported today but I took a chance that it would still be there and whilst walking across to the location a couple of birders coming towards me confirmed that the bird was still there..........result !! I found the bird quite quickly as it flew from almost under my feet but only a short distance where it settled and continued to feed. It was quite confiding and I managed to get a few "images" that I was quite pleased with,doubtless this one is the first of several that will probably visit us over the coming months as the weather gets colder.

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Dan said...

Nice ones Jeff - image no.2 is my favourite.