Saturday, October 01, 2011

Recent Photos

Just a couple of humble photographic offerings to back up the posts already made by Jeff and Wayne below. I'd like to make the obligatory opening disclaimer made by all photographers who post their images on any website in the world: "at no time was I happy with the light conditions when these images were taken"!!

Not a creature from Doctor Who - it's a very wet Twitchmeister at Llanrhidian Marsh.

The weather finally beats Wayne. He's clearly had enough despite not nailing the White-rump. But, he makes himself feel better by gripping off the Twitchmeister about the Kenfig Pool White-rump Sand the boy birder dipped on by a mere 5 minutes back in 2007 when he was only 8 years old. (Please note Jeff being 'hard' and not wearing his hood up despite the crap weather).

The next day, Wayne (no doubt feeling guilty for being so mean to Gethin) offered us a lift to St Brides/West Usk Beach, where we duly found the American Golden Plover.

I wasn't particularly happy with this image . . . .

But it turned out not bad after I'd photoshopped it a bit.

A cracking bird and a lifer for us all. Thanks to Darryl Spittle for finding it.


Jeff said...

They breed um 'ard in the valleys butt !!

Jeff said...

Can I buy that Photoshop programme from you,it's bloody miraculous !!