Saturday, October 08, 2011

A Pizza the Action II

We Boxer Boys certainly know how to celebrate in style. Being well known connoisseurs of fine dining we managed to pull a few strings and get a much sought after table at the 3 Michelin Star McArthur Glenn Pizza Hut to note the occasion of Gethin's entry into the UK 250 Club.

Gethin (a.k.a. The Twitchmeister) was presented with a 'Diploma in Birding' by the Birders in Boxers Board of Ornithological Excellence (BBBOE). A particlularly noteworthy occasion as Gethin is the first recipient of this diploma - none of the other Boxer Boys being anywhere near reaching the standard of ornithological excellence.

The evening was attended by Gethin (the Guest of Honour) and Messrs Jeff Slocombe (BBBOE's Chief List Statistician) and Wayne Morris (Secretary to the Board). Gethin's father was also present to pay for the meal.

The Guest of Honour enjoyed a Tuna and Sweetcorn Thin Italian; Jeff (because he's 'hard') had a super hot Flamin' Inferno; Wayne a Veggie Supreme and Dan had his usual double jalapeno peppers and pineapple. All washed down with some vintage Pepsi.

A telegram received from a 'Mr L Evans from Bucks' rubbishing Gethin's list was ceremonially burned. We look forward to holding a similar event in the very near future to celebrate the Twitchmeister's entry into the UK300 Club.

Flashback to June 2009 when we celebrated The Twitchmeister's entry into the UK200 Club.

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David Gilmore said...

Well done Gethin from all at the GRC.