Thursday, September 29, 2011

Grafham Water

I'd noticed on Birdguides the adult Sabines Gull and juvenile Grey Phalarope that had turned up at Grafham Water which is only 5 mins or so off the A14 not far from Huntingdon and an easy diversion. We called in on the way up to Norfolk but the weather was so wet that we didn't even get out of the car. I hoped all week that the two would stay around and that I could get them on our way back and both birds duly obliged. An added bonus was that they were both together near the dam wall only a 5 min walk from the car park and visitor centre. I left Teresa having a cuppa and soon found the birds which showed down to 6' !! The weather was too sunny and I had to dial in varying degrees of exposure compensation and the choppy water near the shore made the phalarope something of a challenge to photograph,still I was pleased with some of the photos that I managed to get.


Wayne said...

Not bad! Dan's tips beginning to pay off for you.

Jeff said...

He taught me everything I know !!

Dan said...

Certainly did! I remember well teaching you to dial in varying degrees of exposure compensation!