Sunday, September 11, 2011

250 for The Twitchmeister

Geth (aka The Twitchmeister) reached a birding milestone today. An Arctic Skua flying past Porthcawl during a seawatch this morning was his 250th UK tick.

Unfortunately for all present at the seawatch this particular Arctic Skua was nowhere near as close to us as the one which Jeff saw yesterday at Ogmore (see images in blog below).

Also unfortunate for all present was the fact that they had chosen to seawatch in Glamorgan.

I can honestly say that there were more birders seawatching (Jeff Slocombe, Martin Bell, Martin Bevan, Phil Hill, Colin Gittins, Peter Morgan, Paul Tabor, Geth and me) than there were birds actually seen out at sea. But of course, seawatching at the Public Shelter in Porthcawl has one thing that Porthgwarra or Strumble Head don't offer - the background whiff of sewage from Welsh Water's Irongate Pumping Station.

Nevertheless, a historic day for the boy birder no matter what the surroundings.


Jeff said...

Congatulations Geth,well done,pizzas all round this week then !!
Can't do Wed evening though as GWPC meeting.

Jeff said...

Looks like we're on for a pizza to celebrate on the 27th then.

SaraJeJo said...

Llongyfarchiadau, Gethin!