Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring has sprung

After a morning finishing off some DIY and doing a bit in the garden Teresa and myself popped down to Cardiff Bay in the afternoon for a couple of hours.
Whilst Teresa relaxing in the car doing a bit of "people watching" I strolled across the barrage as far as the sails hoping that I may catch up with the Bonaparte's Gull.
The light was very hazy (that's my excuse anyway) and I failed to connect with the gull but on the way back to the car I heard a Chiffchaff calling in the only tree on the barrage,a scruffy old willow sprouting out of the rocks by the end of the lock gates.
The bird was quite confiding and I managed a few nice record shots of what was probably a very new arrival.


Dan said...

Is that a 'personalised number plate' I see on the current Mrs S's motor?

Jeff said...

Yes,her little pride and joy,just as well we bought it before I bought the camera-she'd have no bloody chance now,could by a cracking macro lens for what we paid for that plate !!
The price of vanity !!

Wayne said...

I like the penultimate shot best. Must be difficult focussing through the twigs.