Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sandy Water Park,Llanelli

I'd been keeping an eye on sightings of the recently found Blue-winged Teal all week hoping that it would stay until the weekend so that I could get some good "images" of what would be a "lifer" for me.
After touching base with Dan on Friday evening we met up early this morning at Sarn Junc 36 on the M4 and myself,Dan and "The Twitchmeister" were soon heading west,the weather early on was quite cloudy but as we drove into Llanelli it started to brighten up.
We parked up in the small car park at the side of the lake and young Gethin was first to get on to the bird which was on the opposite side of the water in front of The Sandpiper pub.
It showed quite well and I was able to get some reasonable record shots,not quite up to Dan's standard but I was quite satisfied with the results.

There were lots of gulls around as well and a bright Kingfisher dashed across the lake a couple of times glinting in the sunlight,amongst the gulls was a juvenile Little Gull which was found about the same time as the BWT and seems to come and go between the lake and the nearby beach.

Although it never came in really close I was able to get to few record shots.

Soon it was time to leave but not before devouring a traditional Tunnocks wafer to celebrate another lifer for myself and Geth.


Dan said...

Not a bad effort at all Jeff. As you say, not up to my standard, but hang on in there - keep trying. It took me years of practice to attain the level I've reached at the moment. ;-)

Wayne said...

Glad it stuck around. Nice bird and shots!