Sunday, March 06, 2011

Change-over time

Not done a lot lately as I've been busy doing other stuff and what little I've done has been local.
With news of a Wheatear in the last few days at St Brides I took a break from some DIYing and after visiting B+Q in Bridgend with Teresa this afternoon we popped down to Ogmore By Sea to see if I could locate and photograph a new arrival.
Whilst a very patient Teresa relaxed in the car I had a look around for an hour but to no avail,too many "grockles" and dogs about.
I decided to cut my losses and had a look for the regular Purple Sandpipers on the rocks opposite the gate before they depart north again to their breeding grounds.
In a low nice late afternoon light I managed a few reasonable record shots :-

Hopefully I'll catch up with a few new arrivals in the next few weeks.


Dan said...

Nice shots Jeff. How many Purple Sands did you see?

Jeff said...

Cheers Dan,didn't make an exact count as too busy trying to get in a good position and keep dry but probably 15-18.

Wayne said...

Nice Jeff. Haven't seen them this winter. :-(