Thursday, November 01, 2007

Well,fancy meeting you !!

A gap between appointments my previous one being just 5 mins from KNNR gave me at last the chance of catching up with the very confiding White Rumped Sandpiper,which considering I've got a reasonable list of American peeps was a"lifer" for me.
A A visiting birder confirmed it was still on the East pool shore and after a brisk walk and a scan from a distance to make sure I "ticked" it I soon joined another birder quite close to the bird who turned out to be another "Maestegaeu" in Simon Murray.
The bird was so confiding it wasn't true and I was able to get a few reasonable photos through the scope, not wanting to trust my luck and encroach too close and be accused of being "the" birder responsible for it flying off and never being seen again.
I chatted with Simon for a short while and then beat a hasty retreat to the car park for a quick "sarnie" and on to my next appointment in Cardiff picking up the adult Med Gull on one of the posts at the edge of the pool with the BH Gulls on the way.
Arriving at the car park I was greeted by the Hall family making a quick visit whilst Tim's s.o.m car was in having a new clutch fitted,a pre-occupational hazard I guess running a driving school !!
I was introduced to the beautiful Rosie for the first time and picked up another daughter "tick" having met Non with Wayne and Alex at the recent Spot Sand twitch in Cardiff.
She was on best behaviour,full of smiles and posed for a couple of snaps.
It was great to meet up with Tim and Gill again and finally meet baby Rosie,I must drop in soon as Teresa keeps nagging that she wants to see Rosie,she's one broody grand-mother !!........


Tim Hall said...

Who are these attractive people?

Jeff said...

Mother and daughter I presume,can't think who else you mean !!.....