Saturday, November 10, 2007

Another Bunting Saturday

A morning trip to Cwm Park Darran in drizzle produced the juv Long Tailed Duck that had been present for a few days. It was within 25 yards of me at times, but was typically underwater too much of the time to allow digiscoping or even digibinning, so the best I could manage is a dot without optical aids.
Siskins, Redpoll, Crossbills, Green and Great Spotted Woodpeckers, Buzzard and a distant Red Kite also present.
After lunch, Gill was happy to come to Nash Point to look for the obliging Snow Bunting that had recently been reported.
It certainly wasn't bothered by our presence, and Glyn Roberts and Rob Gaze joined us for excellent views. The bird seemed to be feeding well, and the lady in the refreshment hut reckons it's been there for a couple of weeks, so not as long as their unappetising Welsh Cakes!

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Wayne said...

Did the double as well this morning. A very confiding pair of birds, though the duck spend most of the time under water. I got almost as wet in the usual Valleys drizzle.

The snow bunting just ignored people and cars around the cafe. Alex Bevan who was taking photos actually had to crawl backwards away from the bird in order to get it in frame.