Friday, March 09, 2007

Slimbridge Sprint

A free afternoon saw me head for the WWT headquarters again. Mild and sunny, but with a cool breeze....
From the Holden Tower, I immediately picked out a Peregrine feeding way out on the Dumbles. Closer in was one of my target birds, a very pale Glaucous Gull that has been in the area for a while.
All the White Fronted Geese had left overnight, but several Bewick Swans lingered.
On a small island on the pool in front of the Tower, the unseasonable Temminck's Stint was easy to find, as it was the only wader amongst Wigeon ! Only my 3rd one, and the first for about 7 years.
From the John (?) Kirk hide, the female Ring Necked Duck showed well, I'd only seen males before.
A brief, but productive visit, and worth getting snarled up on the M4 around Newport in the rush hour on my way home!


Jeff said...

Sounded like a really good afternoon's birding.

Wayne said...

Yesterday, dipped Temminck's stint and ring-necked duck but watched the very white glaucous gull competing with ravens over the dead sheep carcass. Seven Bewick swans still present too.

Faired better in the morning, by getting brambling, hawfinch, great grey shrike, marsh tit and goshawk in the Forest of Dean.

Wayne said...

Dipped these two again yesterday! Alec insisted we go to Slimbridge, so he could watch the flamingoes. Who was I to refuse?

Got first brimstones of the year though.