Sunday, February 25, 2007

Butcher bird and more bignoses

Having dipped spectacularly on the Perthcelyn Great Grey Shrike (twice), I turned my attention to the bird reported near Parkend, in the Forest of Dean. Gill came along, having only seen the Maesteg Mountain bird before (4 years ago).
This bird was very showy, and eventually was in the top of a tree approx 50 metres from the admiring hoards (well at least 20 of us)
Flushed with success, we went to Parkend Church, where the Bignoses had popped out to Sunday lunch, so off to New Fancy View, where we had our pick of at least 4 Goshawks, within a few minutes of our arrival.
Soon, they went into the woods, and it started to drizzle, so we went to have lunch at Beechenhurst Visitor Centre thingy. As we left, in improved weather, a Green Woodpecker flew over, and a Nuthatch on the roof of the building showed it's orangey and white under tail coverts well, to Gill's fascination.
Back at Parkend Church, 3 Hawfinches showed immediately, a few yards from where I photographed them about three weeks ago. Gill was delighted with excellent views, so much so that she slept most of the way home!

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Jeff said...

Sounds like you had a great day out,excellent pics,must try to get up there myself soon.