Sunday, December 03, 2006

Petrel fuels my enthusiasm

Thanks to Dan for a text this morning regarding a Leach's Storm-Petrel at Eglwys. Before I set off, 2 were reported. Only having seen them once, over 5 years ago, from Strumble Head, this seemed a good opportunity to see them again. I arrived at a very windy reservior and soon found some birders looking towards the water. As I jumped out of my car, their attention was turned skywards. As I looked up, a petrel flew fairly low, and mostly backwards, towards the motorway, and disappeared over it. I was told that there was another one further down, and a 3rd bird had been taken into care. I soon found people watching the other bird, close in and very active. Attempts to photograph it produced nice close-ups of waves, and the scope was useless as the bird was too close, and too fast. Good views were had of the pale wing markings, and the white rump. After being harrassed by gulls, the bird flew further away, and then fast right, and was lost to view. With my hands aching in the cold wind, I drove up to Margam Park to see if one had got there. No sign, but Dan's Mandarin showed well. Apologies to Jeff. Apparently I drove straight past him at Eglwys, focussed on getting to the birds, and missed him!

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Wayne said...

I managed to get out for an hour to tick this bird. I arrived 20 seconds to late to see the sick bird. It was stuffed up Barry Stewart's jumper as I approached the crowd.

We were quickly onto to the other bird though, which naturally was a the other side of the reservoir. After watching it for a while, and with it looking settled most of us set off back round in the hope of a better view.

Despite searching for about half-an-hour it I, or the others, couldn't pick it out. The car was needed at home, so I left, happy with a life tick, but disappointed I didn't get a better view.

Well done to Tim and Jeff for the flight views.