Wednesday, December 06, 2006

200 Up

The wind was considerably less strong today but, nonetheless, a seawatch off Porthcawl this morning still produced at least 18 Leach's Petrel and 4 Common Scoter. The Leach's was duly added to my East Glamorgan Year List - the Eglwys Nunydd birds already ensured that I had them on my Glamorgan Year List. I'm embarassed to say that my 200th species of bird this year was a Mandarin Duck at Margam. (What?! Everybody else ticks them!!). A quick visit to The Knapp in Barry provided me with yet another East Glam year tick. A Razorbill. As I arrived at the lake it started pouring down with rain and I legged it to the public shelter. I scanned the lake but there was no sign of the auk. I started to walk back to the car and there, perched on the side of the path busy preening itself, was the Razorbill. I must have run within a couple of feet of it on the way to the shelter!! It was completely unconcerned by my presence and I'm glad to say it looked in good shape. Hopefully it'll make its way back to sea unharmed. Year list: 200, Glam Year List: 178, East Glam Year List: 174


Tim Hall said...

Plastic ducks and a pet Razorbill! Desperate Dan strikes again! Well done anyway!

Wayne said...

Nice one!

Besides Mandarin, what did you get in West Glam that you haven't in East Glam?

We'll need to go for jack snipe soon. Hirwaun Ponds, Llanilid, Whitford? Have to bring the dog along to help.

Tim Hall said...

I'm up for Whitford. Think wellies and aqualung essensial at present.

Dan said...

Didn't Desparate Dan eat Cow Pie. I'm a vegetarian!

Birds wot I have seen in West Glam only are: Mandarin Duck, Black-throated Thrush, Puffin and Honey Buzzard.

Whiteford, as you say, is a must before the end of the year. It should definitely add Knot, R-b Merganser, Eider and Slav Grebe to my Glamorgan list. Also a chance of adding Jack Snipe and G N Diver. I'll also look for Barn Owl at Llanrhidian on the way back.