Saturday, September 24, 2005

Little Crake at Slimbridge

I finally managed to make the trip up to Slimbridge for the Little Crake. On approach to the Zeiss/Lathbury hides area I was welcomed by a glum looking chap who said it hadn't been seen for an hour. Well I squeezed myself into a seat on the upper floor of the Zeiss Hide, raised my binoculars and was then delighted to hear the cry of "There it is!" The obliging little bird was making its way from left to right giving decent views while walking through the reeds. By know the hide was humming with birders exclaiming that they could or couldn't see it, and one chap in particular nearly had a break-down because he couldn't get on it. Another lady distracted me by enthusing about the breeding Bitterns at the RSPB reserve and Kenfig! Little Crake at SlimbridgeAnyway, I managed to take a handful of record shots, which is my first serious attempt at digiscoping. It was extremely difficult in a full hide with lots of movement, but this one is okay. A little later in the day, I returned to the Lathbury Hide and was rewarded with great views of the bird out in the open. The day was rounded off by two Curlew Sandpipers on the South Lake. So one lifer and a year tick for me today. Now for that Redhead!

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