Thursday, September 29, 2005

Grey Phalarope at Nantyffyllon 28th Sept

Lovely bird in an unlikely setting, on a small stream in a spoil tip! I timed it well, as it began raining just after I arrived there, and didn't stop all day. Arrived home in Cardiff to discover another one had been found on the River Taff near the City Centre. Typical!


Wayne said...

Nice one Tim!

I hope to catch up with one of these birds in the next day or two. I've only seen one before. That was the broken-billed bird at Eglwys Nunydd Reservoir last year.

I expect Dan has seen the Cardiff bird. Jeff will be disappointed if the Nantyfyllon bird disappears before he's home.

Wayne said...

I managed to catch up with the Cardiff bird this morning.

Great views as the bird drifted downstream just south of Penarth Road bridge. The light was excellent, the river calm and the bird very obliging as it moved close-in down to about 20m.

I wish now that I'd taken my digiscoping rig as I would have had some smashing shots.