Monday, August 28, 2017

Woodchat Shrike : Fairy Hill, Gower

On Saturday evening as myself and Neil were returning from our pelagic I received a 'grapevine' text advising of a male Woodchat Shrike being found on the common at Fairy Hill west of Reynoldston on Gower.
After a lay-in on Sunday morning myself and Teresa popped down to Reynoldston late afternoon and within a minute or two of parking Ed Hunter turned up making his second visit of the day and as he new the area where the bird was hunting we soon got on to the bird which was still present.
We made our way down the common and with stealthy approaches I came away with some images that I was quite pleased with, this was my sixth UK Woodchat Shrike and all have been in Glamorgan, three in East Glam and three in West Glam..........

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