Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Night Heron : Cosmeston CP, Penarth

Not often I miss out on news of a rarity but having decided to have a non-birding morning last Sunday 18th June followed mid afternoon and evening accompanying Teresa to see two of her favourites Michael Ball and Alfie Boe in concert at Eastnor Castle near Ledbury just over the border. There was no mobile signal for the duration so I didn't pick up the info until night time.
Luckily the bird was reported the following day on Monday and I made a mad dash after work on a very hot and sticky evening being greeted on arrival at the bridge between the east and west lakes by Steve Hinton, Colin Harvey, Wayne Strong, Matt Evans, Mark Dutfield, Nicola Johns and a few other birders that I didn't know.
The bird was present but was skulking as Night Herons do in a tree on the edge of the west lake where it stayed for most of my time there, it flew from one tree to another and then over the bridge to settle low in another tree halfway along the northern shore of the east lake opposite the cafe'.
I only managed a handful of pretty average shots but was glad just to see the bird which was a county 'tick' for me, I'm glad that I made the effort as it wasn't seen yesterday or today and may have departed.

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