Sunday, October 09, 2016

Yellow - Browed Warbler : KNNR

With the easterly winds and the recent influx of Yellow - Browed Warblers into the UK myself and fellow birder and "togger" Peter Morgan decided to stay local and head for Kenfig this morning where a few YBWs had been found in the last couple of days by local birder Neil Donaghy.
We met up at Sarn on Junc 36 of the M4 at 07.30 and headed first for Sandfields in Aberavon in the hope that the juvenile Rose - coloured Starling was still present having been reported last Thursday after an absence of reports earlier in the week.
We stayed for an hour and searched rooftops of the street which the the bird had favoured but had no luck and decided to head for Kenfig.
Just as we arrived a "grapevine" text alerted us that Neil had found another YBW  and after a quick mobile call to Neil who was still there and had Paul "Sid" Parsons and Paul Tabor for company he met up with us and showed us the location.
We waited a little while and two YBWs appeared flitting around the willow and hawthorn bushes and we all managed some shots although the harsh sunlight casting shadows with the foliage caused some headaches..........

Richard Smith phoned and then joined us but with the birds disappearing and photographic opportunities becoming scarce we headed for Dunraven on the Heritage Coast where another YBW had been reported yesterday.
After getting ripped off for the £3.00 parking fee we parked up and were joined by Cliff Woodhead who was hoping for a couple more shots of the Hobby that had been hunting the fields at the top of the cliffs for a few days.
We searched the wooded area near the viewpoint and a Chiffchaff threw us for a moment and eventually having no luck we decided to call it a day and headed for home.

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