Friday, October 14, 2016

Baird's Sandpiper : KNNR

Baird's Sandpiper is one of the American 'peeps' that I haven't caught up with over the years, whilst the more common species such as Pectoral, Buff - brested and White-rumped have been reasonably easy to connect with Baird's has proved more difficult, I should have made the effort to have gone for the Pembrokeshire bird a few years ago and have regretted it since.
So when Neil Donaghy found one on his 'patch' yesterday morning I promised myself I would make an effort although work has a habit of intervening.
I couldn't make it yesterday and hoped that it would stay overnight so when Neil posted via the text 'grapevine' that the bird was still there at 7.30am I managed a visit between meetings and got to Kenfig by about 9.50am.
The bird was reminiscent of the White-rumped Sandpiper back in 2007 as it was feeding in the same spot on the East shore of the pool and was equally confiding.
There were already about 9-10 birders and 'toggers' present including a few familiar faces and although the grey overcast conditions made for terrible light I managed a few shots that I was pleased with as the bird showed down to 5-6m..........

I had hoped that the bird would stay until tomorrow and that I would be able to revisit in better light but a phone call from birding friend Steve Howcroft from Cardiff telling me that the bird had flown off west a couple of minutes before he arrived at 3.00pm means that Plan 'B' whatever that is will have to be put into motion.
Although I would have liked the bird in better light a 'lifer', Wales and county 'tick' and some reasonable photos can't be sniffed at especially on a work day.

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