Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wryneck : Dunraven

An earlyish finish in work and a mad dash down to Dunraven on the Heritage coast yesterday evening saw me in pursuit of a Wryneck found late Monday afternoon.
The weather had been quite mixed with heavy rain showers during the day but upon my arrival at about 5.40pm it started to brighten up with some lovely late evening sunshine.
Local birders Gary Light and Colin Stephenson were on the bird when I rolled into the car park and I soon joined them viewing the bird high on the top of the stoney embankment, it had been quite mobile but then seemed to settle feeding actively.
I made a careful approach and managed some shots that I was more than pleased with....

As we watched the bird decided to take flight and crossed the road settling on the well trodden path waymarked by posts between the road and the cliff and again fed vigorously......
I was hoping that the bird would hop up onto one of the posts and it duly obliged although by now the light was fading and I was forced to crank up the ISO a little......
I've seen several Wrynecks in the UK over the years but none giving such great views as this bird, this is an exciting time of the year and hopefully another rarity will turn up locally, an American wader would be nice.

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