Monday, September 26, 2016

Spotted Crake : Slimbridge

I'd noticed that the Spotted Crake which appeared last Wednesday at WWT Slimbridge was still present last Saturday and so a late phone call Saturday evening and a hurried arrangement saw myself and fellow "togger" and good friend Richard Smith rock up at Slimbridge early Sunday morning.
The bird had been showing really well on the small dragonfly pool and giving great photographic opportunities judging by some of the photos I had seen posted on the internet so this was an opportunity not to be missed especially as I'd only seen two of the species previously in the UK and the last of those was several years ago at RSPB Greylake in Somerset.
We had to wait until 09.30 for the grounds to open properly and made our way over to the Van de Bovenkamp hide at 09.20, even then there were a few birders that had beaten us to it.
After a few minutes wait the bird appeared out of the reeds and fed vigorously, a feat it repeated at regular intervals throughout the day.
We both "filled our boots" with this stunning bird and came away with images that we were well pleased with............

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