Sunday, January 24, 2016

"Get on your perch"..........

Wasn't to sure what to do today and thought about another go for the Snow Buntings on Gower or one of the local Great Grey Shrikes but given that it was another grey, drab day I thought I'd have a go at getting a perched up shot of one of the Short-eared Owls at Rumney Great Wharf, Cardiff.
I haven't been to Forest Farm for almost a year since when the Little Bunting was in residence and as I had plenty of time I thought I'd call in and get myself a few Kingfisher snaps, the hide was reasonably quiet and the male Kingfisher duly obliged.....

I only stayed at Forest Farm for half an hour or so and pushed on to RGW bumping into Geraint Parry and his friend who was just leaving, there were already three Shorties out hunting as I crossed over the reen from the road and I set myself up in the first field where I had seen on two previous occasions one of the birds perch up on a post.
I considered a position as near the post as some cover would allow but decided against it and moved further down the field to get a wider field of view and set up my camo netting, low and behold within 10 minutes a the bird hunting the field landed on the post, I managed some shots that I was reasonably pleased with given the distance, but sod's law had intervened and if I had set myself up in the first position I had thought of I would absolutely have "nailed the shot"..........
Didn't quite get the shot that I wanted and got beaten by the poor light, still it gives me an excuse to have another go although it will have to be a day when the light is a lot better.


Matthew Price said...

Hi Jeff,

We met last weekend at Forest Farm, I was wondering if you could kindly give me some directions on where to park and photograph the SEOs at Rumney Great Wharf. I am a bit uncertain on where exactly the birds are and where I can park.

Thanks in anticipation,


Jeff said...

Hello Matt,
Good to meet you and chat at Forest Farm last week, there are a couple of rough parking lay-bys on the main coast road (Wentloog Ave) approx ST 252 794 at Sluice Farm as you head east.
Park there and walk along the track parallel with the reen out to the sea wall, scan from there whilst walking back west towards Cardiff.
The birds hunt the rough area between the sea wall and the sea and also also the rough pasture of the fields between the wall and the main road.
From 1.00pm to dusk is best.
Hope this is helpful and good luck.
All the best,