Sunday, July 12, 2015

Great White Egret : Kenfig NNR

Yesterday was my third visit to Kenfig Pool in an attempt to get some quality photos of the Great White Egret that turned up at the pool on Friday 3rd July.
I'd made two previous visits the first a week ago on Sunday 5th July and the second after work on Thursday 9th July but only managed some flight shots a few of which I was pleased with but most being too distant, frustratingly the bird just wouldn't land near the south pool hide on both occasions.
An early start yesterday saw me arrive at the hide at 6.30am to be greeted by Steve Hinton and Alan Hughes, Steve had already been there an hour and Alan had arrived just before I did.
The bird was outside the hide when I arrived, I had seen it descend as I walked down, but it only stayed briefly allowing me a few shots before it flew off into the trees on the west side.
We waited a few hours before the bird eventually flew over to us and landed, it spent some time in front of the hide but was always obscured by the reeds before flying off again.
Steve Howcroft had arrived as well in the meantime and managed a couple of nice "digi-scoped" images.
Alan had left by now and at about 12.30pm Steve decided to call it a day and I walked up to the car with him looking back to see the bird perched up in the west shore trees.
Having seen some of the shots obtained by my fellow "toggers" and friends Rob Mitchell and Richard Smith (it's bloody competitive this bird photography) I was determined to "nail" the bird.
So after a few sandwiches and a listen to the Cardiff test match in the car I made a return to the hide, yet again the bird was out in front but skulking in the reeds.
A little while later Cliff Woodhead and Colin Harvey arrived and after about 45 minutes the bird returned again and this time gave amazing views and a photographic opportunity you can only dream of as it paraded around in the open as close as 30' from the hide doing everything a Great White Egret would do !!
I finally got the opportunity I had wanted and I think I eventually "nailed it".............

The bird fished continually and seemed very adept at being able to take two fish at a time on occasions.....

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