Sunday, June 28, 2015

Nightjars : Llynfi Valley

I've wondered for some time if the high ISO abilities of my camera would allow me to obtain some photos of Nightjar in near darkness so made a "recee" to a local site last Thursday evening without the camera and found at least three birds present.
So after returning home from Somerset yesterday at a civilized time I couldn't resist the temptation of making a return visit to the site with my camera in the hope of getting some shots.
I arrived at 9.20pm and hoped that "churring" would start at 9.45pm as it had done on my previous visit but this time I had to wait until 10.00pm when following a brief period of "churring" a male bird took flight hunting.
I managed to pick up a mint secondhand Canon 70-200mm IS L 2.8 MkII zoom lens this time last year which with a large maximum aperture hoped would give me some extra light.
Employing the well known "spray and pray" technique I managed to get some shots that I was quite pleased with given that they were taken at 16,000 ISO and it was almost dark...........

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