Sunday, January 19, 2014

Llangors check up.........

Teresa and myself headed up to Llangors today to check on the caravan after the wet winter we have experienced so far,we normally go up over the Xmas holiday but with taking a break in Norfolk we didn't get around to it.
We called in at Llwyn-on Reservoir on our way,I was hoping to catch up with the Great Northern Diver which has been there for a few weeks but despite a good search I didn't connect,whether or not it has moved on or I just couldn't find it who knows.
We moved on to Llangors and as I walked across the very soggy common towards the "Troll Bridge" to view the sailing club meadow one of the two wintering Great White Egrets that I was looking for appeared from nowhere and flew over to land on the fields behind the outward bound centre,I managed no more than a few "record" flight shots.

I managed to gain access to the fields via the outward bound centre and after a bit of a search found the egret in a boggy area near the wooded edge of the lake but despite my best stealthy efforts I couldn't get close and the bird took flight and headed across the lake towards Llangasty.
A bit of a frustrating day to say the least but at least I got to see the GWE,after checking on the caravan we headed across to Llangasty where there was no further sign of the bird but I did bump into and chat to a birder from Blackwood who give me information on a site where I can hopefully get good close views and photographs of Goosanders,all is not lost !!

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Wayne said...

Nice black and white shot!